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Teaching Resources

Dear students,

In this section, you can find supporting materials to the courses and lectures I am offering.

Lecture: "Animal physiology:  The vertebrate kidney – more than just excretion"

Discovery of EPO-producing cells

Kragesteen, Giladi, David et al. The transcriptional and regulatory identity of erythropoietin producing cells

Nat Med 29, 1191–1200 (2023)

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Discovery of EPO-producing cells

Naira et al.

Erythropoietin Contrastingly Affects Bacterial Infection and Experimental Colitis

Immunity 34, 61–74 (2011)

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Role of kidney in Vitamin D metabolism

Plum and DeLuca

Vitamin D, disease and therapeutic opportunities

Nat Rev Drug Disc

9, 941–955 (2010)

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Hematopoiesis in development

Elsaid et al.

Hematopoisis: a layered organisation across chordate species

Front Cell Dev Biol 8:606642 (2020)

doi: 10.3389/fcell.2020.606642

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Hematopoiesis in development

Orkin and Zon


an evolving paradigm for stem cell biology

Cell 132, 631–644 (2008)

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Questions for self control

These questions may help you

to assess yourself,

how well did you

comprehend the material of the lecture.

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